Massimiliano Mirabelli spoke to Sky Sport before the Milan-Arsenal game, here is what he had to say on numerous rossoneri topics:

"Davide Astori? It has been very hard on everyone as Davide was so young. He also had a Milan past so this is why we have to give it our all for him. There aren't any words that can describe this horrible event. Transfer market? We are always working on future deals, let's see. Rino Gattuso? If I am still here, then my choice is Rino.

Reina? A few days ago, we told Napoli that we wanted to meet with Reina's agent. Let's see if there is a possibility to get a deal done with the Reina entourage. Arsenal? They have a lot of quality but as Rino said ,he wouldn't change any of our players for Arsenal players. We have young players but they can open a strong cycle together so we are happy with what we got...".